A Father’s Testimony: David Ornt

Hello Calvin friends and all who need to be encouraged.

Revelation 12:11 says, “they conquered him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony for they loved not their lives even unto death.”

This is the verse that inspired me to ask you all to give your testimony in our church. At first it started out as an accident. I asked a few of you to speak and it went well. Now it is becoming a tradition here at Calvin to hear the testimony of our members and friends. The scripture teaches us that we overcome the obstacles of our lives and the wiles of the Devil when we;

  1. Cover ourselves in the life/blood of Jesus. We do this by reading scripture, joining together in fellowship , prayer, and accepting his life as an atoning sacrifice for ours.
  2. When we tell others how God has worked in our lives. We all have messy lives. That doesn’t mean God hasn’t worked in your life.
  3. We love the lives of others more than our own lives.


So many of you have given testimony since I have been here at Calvin. And it has really inspired me and brought me to tears at point. This is not my pulpit. It is the Lord’s pulpit. And thus I share it because I know the Lord has a lot to say through each of you. This weekend David Ornt gave his testimony of being a father. Unfortunately, we were not able to record it. But here are his written words. I think these words describe our Heavenly Father’s love for all of us. Let us not be afraid. For our Father provides for us.


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Will

david and familyFather’s Day 2017 Testimonial:

When I was asked to do this I thought it would be an honor to get up here and speak for all the fathers of our church and say what being a Dad means to me.  I really wasn’t sure what I would say but I do know what it means to me.  First thing that comes to my mind is every child has a father but not all children have a Dad. To me, being a Dad means that you are there for your kids, but not just being there for your kids, actually wanting to be there for your kids.  Too many times I have heard fathers complain when their wives go out or have to go out of town and they get “stuck” with the kids.  You can hear them saying I have no idea what to do with the kids while she is away, or man I will be glad when she gets back so I get a break.  Well I actually like it when I get the kids to myself.  It’s my time to spoil them without getting in trouble myself.  It means trips to the zoo, or lots of tickle time, which is my girls’ favorite, trips to Dunkin for breakfast, getting Penguins snow balls or a Frosty.  Whatever it is, it is time spent making memories whether they see it or not, I do.  Being a Dad means sometimes you have to sacrifice things that you like in order to give them what they like or even just to have the time to spend with them.  I used to play golf, I’m not very good at it and I didn’t play that often, but it was something that I enjoyed doing from time to time.  Since Kayla was born I can count on one hand how many times I have been to a golf course and you know what?  I don’t even miss it.  Why?  Because who wants to chase a little white ball for 18 holes when you can go to Dunkin on a Saturday morning, or make pancakes with the kids, or even just sit on the couch with the girls and watch Saturday morning TV.  These are the things I have come to love and appreciate.  In my search for the perfect words to explain what being a Dad feels like; they found me while I was reading Stewart Scott’s book “Every Day I Fight”.  Not all of you will know who Stewart is but he is an ESPN personality that died from a rare form of cancer a few years ago.  Before he died he wrote a book about his fight with cancer as well as just his life in general.  In his book you can tell he has a genuine love for his daughters as well as his love of being a Dad.  In one chapter he says: “When that baby is put into your arms, she is instantaneously set apart from everyone else in your life, even your significant other.  When you first meet your child, she becomes the only person – ever – with whom you are already deeply, deeply in love.  And the love does nothing but grow from there.”  Since he already said it and said so perfectly I could think of no better way to put it.  This is exactly how I felt the first time I held our girls.

Now that the girls have started to grow up and I am watching them turn into the little ladies that they are becoming I feel a pride that only a parent can feel for them.  Watching both Kayla and Maddie get their first ever hit playing T-ball, seeing Kayla get honor roll at school year after year, watching her cheer for the first time, being there for firsts that is what being a Dad is all about.  Being there to watch them grow, however, also means knowing that at some point you have to let them go.  So it also means being there for the lasts.  Like the last time they crawl in your bed because they are scared of the dark or had a bad dream or the last time that they call you in the middle in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or to get a drink.  These are all things that seem to be a bother but when they stop you know you’ll miss them in a weird way.  And now as they begin to grow and become more independent I start to worry, have I afforded them every opportunity that they will need to succeed.  When they are away from home I worry about their safety.  I know I have taught them what to do but then I always wonder will they put those teachings into action if ever needed.  And then there is their safety at home, always thinking if anyone were to come in here that they will have to go through me to get to them.  I want to be their protector.  I do not want to see them get hurt in any way, physically or mentally.  I want to protect them but I also know that you have to let them make their own decisions and their own mistakes.  I have to allow them to learn from these choices.  I have to be there to correct the mistakes and to make them understand what they did wrong so that, I can only hope, they do not make that mistake again.

This is where the church comes into play for us.  We want to instill in them the morals and integrity that they need to be good people, people of character, and I remember that I got that from church, as well as my parents, when I was growing up.  We want them to learn about Jesus and how you are to forgive others and to love others so that it becomes easier to make the right choices in life.  This is how we found Calvin.  We came a few Sundays and it just felt right.  We were welcomed into the Calvin family.  It is when I reconnected with God.  During this time I have realized that God has helped me to grow as a Dad, but mostly he has opened my eyes to how precious my girls are to Him as well as to me.  He has provided me with the ability to respond to the girls with the same love and tenderness that He has for me, after all as boys, men are raised to be tough, often times cold and to hide our emotions, but being a Dad changes that.  It opens your heart to a new world of emotions and feelings.  You want to cry with them when they get hurt, you feel like you need to be strong for them when they are week, the pride you feel when they have their firsts and the sadness when you have the lasts.  And as a father of girls you dread that day when you walk her down the aisle to give her away and you just hope that you have been the example for the man that you want them to wind up with.   But through all this I know that God is walking with me and will give me the strength needed to get through it all.


Joshua 1:9

Proverbs 22:6 Direct your children onto the right path,

and when they are older, they will not leave it.


Psalm 103:13 The Lord is like a father to his children,

tender and compassionate to those who fear him.


Proverbs 20:7 The godly walk with integrity;

blessed are their children who follow them.


And I leave you with this song, a song that is dear to me.  Every time I hear it I think of my girls.  Darius Rucker “It won’t be like this for long”


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