Being a Mom

Being a Mom- Kim LaFollette

                                                             Mother’s Day Testimony


kim lafollette 2

I was raised by a single mom with a lot of help from my Aunt and Grandmother.  My mom worked two jobs.  While she worked, I spent a lot of time with them.  My grandmother was the best person.  I never saw her get mad and she had the greatest laugh.  My aunt was the friend I needed, and she helped me grow.  My mom was the provider, the motivator, and got me to where I am now.  They are all gone now.  3 Beautiful women, 3 Beautiful Moms.

So, when I became pregnant with Kyla I was very excited.  From the first ultrasound, to feeling her move in my belly, to her tiny hiccups, of course while I was trying to sleep, I loved this baby girl more than anything.  When she finally arrived and they gave me this beautiful, perfect baby I felt the greatest love I’ve ever felt (all you moms know this feeling).

Motherhood has not been east. Kyla cried…A LOT!  I mean all…the…time! But everytime I felt completely overwhelmed, she would do something new and amazing. Her little baby smiles, her laugh, the cuddles I will always cherish.  When she learned her first word, “MA!”, she would scream at me from her crib in the next room, telling me it was time to get up and pay attention to her.  Kyla has been my heart and soul, walking around this world in her little tiny, curly haired body. Now, if I could just get her to slow down.

I’ve also been blessed that my best friend and I had babies near the same time.  Her son, Jacob (many of you know), is about 1 year older than Kyla.  We have raised these two little ones together.  He has been my little blonde haired, blue-eyed Cubby.  And then she had her second baby, also adorably blonde haired and blue eyed, AJ.  I’ve had the joy of being a “mom” to them, too.

But God wasn’t done giving me the blessings of children.  About 7 years ago, I was given two beautiful step-daughters, Lily and Chevus. You don’t have to give birth to a baby to be their mom.  These girls are as much a part of me as my own. Me and my three girls, that’s how we always were.  Doing everything together.  Right now, we’re separated, but I hope they still know how much they mean to me and how much I love them.

Many of you have heard how we came to be at Calvin.  Kyla was attending the preschool, and CJ kept trying to get us to come to church.  So, we put on our pretty Christmas outfits and came to the Christmas Eve service.  After that the girls started coming to Sunday school fairly regularly. Suzi and Barbara were their first church “moms”, and eventually Chevus would end up with Paula, too. Now, you remember that Kyla was not an easy baby.  Frequently, Kyla would have to peeled (and I mean literally peeled) off of me when I would drop her off at preschool.  And Sunday mornings were no different.  Suzi would have to pry her away from me.  But Miss Suzi, being the loving “mom” she is, lovingly won Kyla over. Kyla loved coming to Sunday School.  It was Miss Suzi who recommended me to the Preschool Board. From there I was invited to Clayton’s installment.  That day, another beautiful mom, “Nana”, invited me to her Sunday School class. There I met a room full of the best mom’s in the world.  I’ve been here most Sundays since.

The past three years, have been difficult years for me.  God was testing my Faith, but in doing so he gave me so many wonderful “moms” to help me through the difficult times. Moms to lean on and learn from.  Moms that supported me and help me through when I didn’t think I could.  They took care of me and my girls through it all.

When my own mother died in the midst of all this, this church full of Moms once again held me up.  They held me while I cried, paid for her cremation, and kept me going through all of it.  These Moms all have helped make me a stronger and better Mom myself.

I’ve taught over 2000 students over the course of my career, yes I took an estimated count. For those of you that teach, you understand that you love these kids.  They are truly your “kids” for the time they are with you and even after they have moved on.  I have loved my kids, given them advice and support, and even cried with them (once in the hallway at high school- we got all kinds of weird looks).

So what does motherhood mean? It means loving others more than yourself.  It means teaching and guiding, listening and loving without prejudice.

The many moms I have had, known, and loved have taught me so many things. They have taught me patience, compassion, and most importantly love!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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