The Secret

The Secret Philippians 4:10-20 Listen to The Secret   In 1985 ABC found the secret to ratings success with its hit series Macgyver.  Macgyver was a show about a secret agent who used the power of his scientific mind to defeat the bad guys, usually with whatever objects happened to be lying around. To quote […]

Agree in the Lord

AGREE IN THE LORD PHILIPPIANS 4: 2-9 Listen to Agree in the Lord I think we can all agree that no one likes conflict in their relationships. And I think we can all agree that when we face conflict in our relationship our go to strategy is to “agree to disagree.” In that Spirit I […]


MOTIVATION PHILIPPIANS 3:12-4:1 Listen to Motivation In High School I knew one person well who had a dream in High School and was motivated enough to achieve that dream pretty much in the way he imagined it. His name is Josh Sundquist. I went to Middle School, High School, and College with Josh. And while […]

Crumby Spirituality

CRUMBY SPIRITUALITY PHILIPPIANS 3:1-11  Listen to Crumby Spirituality                  In the Hidden Brain Podcast Episodes  Me, Myself, And Ikea host Shankar Vedantum  explores the power and peril of being attracted to seeing ourselves in others.  In Psychology this is called Implicit Egotism otherwise known as Narcissism. Now Narcissism generally isn’t thought of as a good […]

Soldiers of Mercy

SOLDIERS OF MERCY PHILIPPIANS 2:19-30 Listen to Soldiers of Mercy Once on a Saturday I walked into the Starbucks over at Ward’s Corner shopping center. For some reason this particular Starbucks had decided that it was Disney musical day that Saturday. Different Disney musicals were playing over the loud speakers in the store. I got […]


SONSHIP PHILIPPIANS 2:1-18 Listen to Sonship Sometimes Dads have trouble expressing their love for their children. This American Life in the 2011 episode, Father’s Day tells several stories of Father’s trying to reach out to their children. In particular I was touched by the story of Rachel. In 2005 Rachel was about to head off […]

Lust For Life

LUST FOR LIFE PHILIPPIANS 1:18-30 Listen to Lust For Life In 1977 Jim Osterburg, also known by his artist name Iggy Pop, released one of his most famous songs, Lust for Life. It is a pretty popular tune. I remember hearing it in my child hood and teenage years in commercials for fast cars and […]

Unfinished Joy

THE SECRET: THE LETTER TO THE PHILIPPIANS UNFINISHED JOY PHILIPPIANS 1:1-18 Due to Technical difficulties we don’t have any audio for this sermon In the youtube video Tigger and Eeyore the Minnie adventures of Winnie the Pooh , the famous children’s book characters Tigger and Eeyore  are wandering deep in the hundred acre woods. They […]

Wisdom of the Ages

Wisdom of the Ages Acts 2:1-21 Listen to Wisdom of the Ages Many modern writers have commented on the state of kids these days. They have commented on how kids these days have abandoned traditional values and traditional work ethics.  Here are just a few quotes from well respected writers of our day about kids […]

Pay Attention

PAY ATTENTION ACTS 16:6-15 Romans 12:1-13 Listen to Pay Attention Once, while I was a pastor in Indiana, I flew home to Virginia for vacation. It was night when I flew into Richmond, VA. I rented a car and began the two hour drive on I-64 West and I 81 North home to Harrisonburg, VA. […]